How it Works


In minicryptobitx manually only level 1 upgrade needs to be done rest upgrades system will do for you. You have to only bring people under you.

THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants (if you have more than 2 you can help your downline by placing these people under them)

 LEVEL 1:  2 x 0.02btc = 0.04btc – 0.03btc (upgrade to level 2) = 0.01btc profit

LEVEL 2:  4 x 0.03btc = 0.12btc – 0.09btc (upgrade to level 3) = 0.03btc profit

LEVEL 3:  8 x 0.09btc = 0.72btc – 0.02btc (Reset to Level 1) 0.7btc profit again n again

After resetting to level 1 your placement and downline will remain intact so if you work as a team with your downlines you can easily earn 0.72btc again n again


Register on site and fill up your wallet details

Click on upgrade and send 0.02btc on the address appearing on the upgrade page